BAE Hawk T1


Technical Specification
Role Military trainer aircraft Wing Span 9.39m
Manufacturer Hawker Siddeley (1974–1977)
British Aerospace (1977–1999)
BAE Systems MAS division
Height 3.99m
First flight 21 August 1974 Length 11.96m
Introduced 1976 Combat Radius 345 miles
Unit cost £18 million (2003) Max Speed
622 mph
Developed into T-45 Goshawk Engine 1 x Rolls Royce/Turbomeca Adour Mk 151 turbofan

Our dedicated crew have been working hard to bring together our FC2 2011 BAE Hawk T1 model. This model has been in the making for over a year. We are ecstatic to announce that our team aircraft is now complete. The model (poly count just under 115k triangles for you techies out there) includes custom cockpit, hawk sound mod, animations and high resolution textures bringing a new dimension of realism to our flying and public performances.

VRA 3D Model Development Team
Hawk 3D model Martin "Ripper" Cooper Hawk Sound Mod Christian "Trigen" Lian
Mapping, Texturing & Animations Jan Petter "Crow" Hovland
Texturing Ivan "Crash" Marinov & Chris "Ells" Ellis

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