Virtual Red Arrows 2012 Display and Competition

London, UK, September 24th 2012

vra_crest_sThe Virtual Red Arrows are pleased to announce the format for their 2012 display season. Due to the tragic accidents in 2011 involving Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging and Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham, and the retirement from the team of Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Stewart, the Royal Air Force Red Arrows have been flying a seven aircraft display routine during 2012.

As a mark of respect and dedication to the Red Arrows, the Virtual Red Arrows are following suit with a seven aircraft display routine for this season. Our pilots have been training hard during the summer months learning the Red Arrows 2012 seven aircraft display routine and are looking forward to showing you our display at the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams (VFAT) on the weekend of the 7th to 9th December.

The 2012 display will conform to a traditional format of synchronised formation aerobatics during the first half of the display followed by a more dynamic second half; the ‘Synchro Pair’ will be retained and perform the traditional opposition manoeuvres for which they are renowned.

hotas-warthog-joystickWe perform our aerobatic displays utilising the latest flight sim technology from Thrustmaster®, the HOTAS WARTHOG TM a U.S. Air Force A-10C attack aircraft HOTAS™ (Hands On Throttle And Stick) replica joystick and we want you to experience the precision and control using the best flight simulator joystick technology for virtual aerobatics. During VFAT, details of how to enter a competition to win a Thrustmaster® HOTAS WARTHOG TM coupled with a JoyLoc TM CLAMP MASTER X2 Bracket set will be announced, with delivery by Christmas 2012*.


Entry into the competition will involve a small donation to The Jon Egging Trust.
Dr Emma Egging has set up a trust in the memory of her husband, Flt Lt Jon Egging. The Jon Egging Trust will give disadvantaged young people the opportunity to achieve their potential through gaining access to a variety of inspirational activities and experiencing the thrill of flight.

We look forward to flying for you this year and wish you all the best of luck in the competition.

*Delivery by Christmas 2012 is subject to the courier shipping company demand. VEAO Ltd, Thrustmaster® and JoyLoc TM cannot accept any responsibility for deliveries not reaching the prize winner by this date.
Notes to editors

About The Virtual Red Arrows:
The team was founded in 2005 and set out to replicate the Royal Air Force Red Arrows display routines using flight simulation software and hardware technology.
The team have displayed live at numerous events around the world via live video web broadcasts.
The team of virtual pilots and ground crew are spread across Europe from the UK, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Bulgaria.

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About Thrustmaster®:
Guillemot Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of interactive entertainment hardware and accessories for PC and game consoles, offering a wide range of diversified products under the brand name Thrustmaster® for PC and console accessories.  Active in this market since 1984, the Guillemot Corporation Group is currently present in 10 countries including Germany, France, the UK, the United States, Canada and Italy, and distributes its products across more than twenty countries worldwide. The Group's mission is to provide innovative, high-quality products which increase the performance and fun experienced by gamers and music lovers.

HOTAS WARTHOG TM details click here

About JoyLoc TM :
The JoyLoc™ CLAMP MASTER X2 Bracket design incorporates 2 main “struts” or “spines” which give the overall plate its strength, yet keeping it lightweight and the Bracket can be adjusted so the table clamps can be positioned to your liking to maximise comfort. The Brackets have been designed to hold the Thrustmaster® HOTAS WARTHOG TM Joystick and Throttle quadrant.

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About VFAT:
The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams or VFAT is a big international airshow like RIAT or MAKS, flown using the DCS, LockOn and IL2 flight simulators. The pilots mostly simulate the displays of real aerobatic teams like the Red Arrows, Thunderbirds, Patrouille Suisse, Blue Angels, Russian Knights and Blue Impulse, however, many teams also create their own spectacular displays instead of simulating real life counterparts.

VFAT is currently the only virtual airshow where such a large group of teams gather to create an event of this size and since 2007, spectators can watch the event live using internet streaming technology. VFAT takes place once a year and offers the opportunity for virtual aerobatic teams and solo pilots to present their hard work for the enjoyment to the general public.

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About The Jon Egging Trust:
On the 20th August 2011 Flt Lt Jon Egging tragically lost his life whilst completing a display at the Bournemouth Air Festival. He was coming to the end of his first year with the world-famous Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team flying in the number 4 position.

Before he died Jon became passionate about inspiring young people through a love of flying and enthusiasm for teamwork. The Jon Egging Trust has been set up to realise his dream by Jon’s wife Dr Emma Egging, his mother Dawn Egging, childhood friend James Godley and Red Arrow’s pilot Ben Plank.

The Jon Egging Trust creates partnerships and develops opportunities for young people who are under-achieving in the formal education system. It will link them with inspirational people and environments connected to aviation.

The Virtual Red Arrows will provide further information in due course explaining the donation process for our competition entry.

How to join the Phantom

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